Wednesday, December 1, 2010

ANNOUNCING ~ Reenactress: The Story of Jennie Reb & Betty Yank

"Reenactress is a documentary film that explores the history and experiences of female Civil War reenactors and living historians who dress as soldiers to fight on the battlefield" ~J.R. Hartman, Director

"Reenactress" is a film about female reenactors who dress up in historically accurate men's uniforms to portray Civil War battle scenarios and living history villages.

We want to explore the reasons women would want to reenact historical events as well as the reasons they choose to dress as men to do it.

There are female Civil War reenactors who portray civilian women, usually in hoop skirts, but there are also women who dress as men and play the role of soldiers.

J.R. Hardman, Director
What is the meaning of the word "Reenactress"? Why is that the title of our movie?

A "reenactor" is a person who participates in reenactments of historical events. Our film focuses specifically on women reenactors, who we have dubbed "reenactresses."

You won't find the word "reenactress" in the dictionary, but there are many women who perform this role. Through this film, we hope to make everyone aware of the female presence both in history and in the modern retelling of history.

Yes; women can reenact as Civil War soldiers because women really fought in the Civil War!

Hofwyl-Broadfield Plantation
A living history event in Darien, GA with the 53rd Georgia, Co. K
It is estimated that between 200-1000 Civil War soldiers were actually women disguised as men. The number is so vague because the historical record is incomplete due to these heroines' amazing ability to pull off their disguises.

We hope to explore the history of these women warriors who fought bravely in the service of their countries, both Confederate and Union. 

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