Thursday, January 6, 2011

Ellen Levasay

Ellen Levasay was a private in the 3rd Missouri Cavalry. In the same unit was a soldier named William Levasay and they were likely related.

There are a number of variations in the spelling of her name: Ellen Levasay, Ellin Lavasay, Eller Lavasay, Elin Lievasay, Elias Liveisay and Ellis Livesay. However, the military records for them all points to the record under which the service records are files: Elin Lievsay.

"Ellen" and William Levasay had nearly identical military experiences: Both enlisted in September 1862 at Newton County, Missouri in the 6th Missouri Calvary Co. A. After being taken prisoner during Marmaduke's Raid on January 11, 1863 they were sent to Gratiot Street Military Prison in St. Louis. From there, they ended up in Alton and finally exchanged at City Point on April 1, 1863, only to end up captured again at Vicksburg a few months later. They were returned to Gratiot Street and then to Camp Morton.

On April 19, 1864, perhaps because she could no longer stand being a prisoner, Ellen took the oath of allegiance to the United States and was liberated. William went on to serve in the 6th Indiana Cavalry.

Was this person really a civil war soldier woman? Or was Ellen actually Elin Lievsay ... brother to William, husband to Julia and father of two children. You decide!

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