Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Scarface Charley

From Nevada, a Colorful Past by Doris Cerveri
1990, vol. II, p. 405

"Scarface Charley was a woman who lived on the Comstock during the Civil War. She fought in the cavalry in male attire and her sex was not discovered until she was wounded by a saber cut across her face. After her disfigurement and consequent nickname she couldn't stand that sort of notoriety so she left town."

Thanks to John "Nevada Riggs" for bringing her story to this site!

About Virginia City, NV ...

During the Civil War, Nevada's entry into statehood in the United States was expedited by Union sympathizers in order to ensure Nevada's participation in the 1864 election in support of President Abraham Lincoln. In total, Nevada sent 1,200 men to fight for the Union during the Civil war; but its main contribution to the cause was $400 million in silver from the Comstock Lode, which was used to finance the war. In addition, the state hosted a number of Union posts.

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